September 22, 2015

Everyone has coffee

Have you ever just asked for a referral? For many of us it can be a very awkward experience. So don’t. I’m not asking you to. But what I am asking you to do is to listen. Everyone has coffee with friends. It’s so ingrained in our culture that it’s as much as being apart of the American experience as watching the Steelers play on Sundays.

So what if you hear someone say they want to sell a house. Maybe it’s your friend. Maybe it’s someone at the table next to you. What do you do? Sure, maybe you can ignore them. After all you’re not in sales anymore. But then, POOF. You get that image of you on that cruise to St. Thomas. After all, giving your referral card, can rack up the extra cash. And you didn’t even have to do anything. All you have to do is explain that you can place them with a great agent.

You just have to have your ears open. After all, Starbucks is the hub of our culture now, anyway. Just come prepared to open minded enough to share your services.

If you have any questions, just press the link below to email me. I’ll help you get started.

Referral Associates of Pennsylvania

Refer as many people as you want. The important thing is giving yourself an opportunity to create income for yourself. R.A.P does that for you. Contact us to find out how.